Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A History of Baklava

Somewhere around 800 B.C., Greek seamen and merchants traveling to the East discovered a seriously sweet treat, which they brought back to Greece.

This tasty discovery was a combination of different ingredients - such as chopped nuts, honey and dough – and it was the precursor to Baklava.

The Greeks then refined this creation by rolling the dough paper thin (the beginnings of flaky filo pastry) and then alternating multiple layers of the dough, honey and nuts.

Today, Baklava is a truly exclusive treat. The layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey or syrup is a wonderfully sweet pastry. Baklava is the perfect ending to any Greek meal and is just simply - divine. Zeus would be proud.

At Zizikis, we offer two wonderful Baklava desserts on our menu, made only of the finest and freshest ingredients. We have Baklava Ice Cream Cake which is one of our exclusive specialties. Our secret recipe homemade Baklava is layered with vanilla bean ice cream – for a truly melt in your mouth treat. For the traditionalist, we have Yayakatina’s Baklava. Layers of filo, walnuts, cinnamon and our own Ya Ya homemade syrup complete this very tasty treat.

At Zizikis you can experience the finest Greek Restaurant in Dallas– just make sure you save room for dessert and enjoy a true taste of Baklava.

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