Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going GREEK At School

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon…..There has never been a more fitting time for GREEK things, than at the beginning of Greek Rush (also called Greek Week) at Colleges and Universities all across the country.

"Greek life" started the year that the United State declared their independence, 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. While there were Latin "clubs" at the time, Greek fraternities emerged and distinguished themselves as being exclusive from the other clubs on campus by utilizing the Greek alphabet to identify their 'chapters'. Certainly, to this day - there are fraternities and sororities that do not have Greek letter names at all - such as Skull and Bones at Yale, Acacia and Farmhouse.

The emergence of Greek organizations, later known as "fraternities" and "sororities", took hold of college life and began to establish itself on campuses all throughout the country! Now many college students go through “Greek Rush” to become a member of a Sorority or Fraternity and it has become the most exciting part of going to college. Making new friends and attending fun events is what makes Greek life so great – some friends that last a lifetime.

Close to home, the DFW metroplex boasts a university with the 2nd largest Greek student body (by capita) in the country! TCU in Fort Worth, Texas has a campus that nearly 43% of their 8,000 students are involved in some Greek letter organization. With all the “Greek activities” going on including – Toga parties, Greek initiations and partying “Greek style” you could treat your sorority or fraternity new member for some authentic Greek food to celebrate their big moment!

Ziziki’s would be pleased to have you and your brothers or sisters come to dinner one night to celebrate. Ziziki's is known for it's catering, as well as our party rooms to cater your party or large group or private dining. Or - perhaps you're looking for a something a bit different - visit Ziziki's Taverna for our small plate appetizers and huge wine bar. Visit one of our two locations in Dallas for some great Greek cuisine and a great Greek atmosphere! Remember - It’s fun to GO GREEK!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Snacks For School - Greek Style

Snacking can be a necessary way to obtain energy, or to provide sustenance on the go. As kids go back to school and young adults off to college - they need all the energy they can get to keep attention sharp. Same goes for adults in the work place!

Everyone knows Greek cuisine is one of the healthiest. So how do people snack in Greece? Ideal foods in the summer in Greece are the Greek snack foods that you can either purchase in a Greek store, (similar to here in the US and other countries) or whip up quickly in the kitchen.

A favorite quick, Greek snack are the Greek spinach pies (also know as spanakopita). Filled with healthy spinach, tasty onions, cheese and herbs - spanakopita is a versatile dish that ca be made with all different types of cheeses as well.

We all know olives are keen in Greece. Snacking on olives, here or in the homeland - is a true summer indulgence. Greeks love their olives - and they can be served up different ways if marinated in different herbs and oils. Soak your olives in olive oil and dried oregano - and you've got a true Greek favorite snack. Toss in some feta cheese, and add some warm bread and you have a well-rounded pick-me up snack.

More quick Greek snacks are simply an arrangement of favorite cheeses and yogurts. (ahhhh.. cheese... truly a Mediterranean cuisine favorite!) 

If sweet snacks are your weakness – the Greeks usually opt for healthy sweet nuts and local honey - also fantastic coupled with yogurt!

Greeks have their guilty pleasures, too - just like Americans - with their chips and sweet-tooth snacks. On the less-healthy side, you could always opt for chocofreta chocolate wafers with hazelnuts,or a bag of white salted chick peas. 

Leaving the kitchen – (and perhaps visiting the blue waters of the beach on the lovely coastline of Greece) - especially on the summer days - is the Greek’s favorite thing to do. So snacking on the go is essential. To indulge - they will typically eat at a little Greek tavern is their way to indulge then they return to the home to eat in the late evening when it’s cooler.