Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Is Here - Demeter Style

Who can we thank for Spring? According to ancient Greeks, it'd be Demeter. Demeter, is actually a major Greek goddess, even though we don't hear about her as much as we do even some of the lesser gods and goddesses from ancient Greece.

She was the daughter of the Titans Rhea and Chronus. So in Percy Jackson terms, she'd have been sister to the BIG THREE, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. She's symbolized by the 'horn of plenty' (Cornucopia? Hunger games anyone?) and was pretty much in charge of agriculture and fertility. All things that represent Spring and renewal.

Her daughter - Persephone, was kidnapped by Hades. In return, she forbade all plant life and growth while he held her prisoner. Once she was released, the green leaves and grasses resumed growth. So from this story, it was believed that Spring occurred when Persephone left the underworld, and Hades, and was returned to her mother for a short time.

Image and content from Ancient History.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking Cues From Ancient Greek Culinary Tradition

Even in modern times, we look for cues from our ancestors for culture, tradition, and culinary know-how. And even now, in Athens, Greece - there are those who thrive learning to cook and eat like the ancient Greeks did at this foodie-lovers workshop where meals are prepared using the same ingredients as the ancient Greeks used, and then a state fair-style sampling of their recipes.

[Andrew Dalby, Food Historian]:
"It was the center of ancient life as it can still be the center of life now. If we take our life and if we take our family seriously, eating can still be the center. It certainly was to them."

Being the premier Dallas Greek Restaurant, we know for sure that the main staples in Greek cuisine are olives, olive oil, parsley, oregano, honey, fish and bread, - and have been for centuries. We also know how healthy Mediterranean dishes are - considering the longevity of Greek people.

Some distinct differences between ancient times and modern were pointed out, however - such as the fact that ancient Greeks didn't eat much meat.

[Andrew Dalby, Food Historian]:
"Meat was not a big item in the ancient diet - and perhaps not so much in the modern diet as in some other countries, but people are getting more and more interested in meat, which is not necessarily good for us."

The three main meals of modernity were observed in old days, though - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast was a bit different, with wine and bread being the fare.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Luck Of The Greeks?

Go green in Greece! Of course, St. Patrick was obviously Irish, and never lost his love of his Emerald isle for the ones in Greece, but there is a large Greek-Irish community in Greece, as well as Irish pubs all round several cities in Greece. Celebrations are imminent.

But what do you really need for a proper St. Patty's day celebration? Beer. Try FIX1864 Greek beer - (the original, royal beer of Greece since 1864!) you can rest easy that there will be some pinching, good luck, and all the rest - in Greece - as there is here in the U.S.

Can't get to Athens? If you wanted to try the Greek beer and enjoy some Greek cuisine on St. Patty's day - visit any of our Ziziki's restaurant locations or pop in to Ziziki's Taverna in Addison. Of course, if you want to have ANY beer or even wine - our night scene is wonderful at all locations, with a fully stocked bar and wine list.

So - enjoy the night, wear your green, and toast away! In Greece, the Irish version of "Cheers", "Slainte" is acctually translated a bit - to "Yasou!" or "Yamas!"

We'll just keep it simple here - and say, "OPA!"