Monday, November 18, 2013

Greek Cuisine 101 - Part I

Welcome to Part I of a series of posts we’ll be doing on modern day Greek cuisine in Greece. Are your taste buds ready for this? Here we go…

Greeks spend a lot of time socializing outside their homes, and sharing a meal is one of the chief ways of doing it. The atmosphere is always relaxed and informal, with pretensions rare outside of the more “hip” parts of Athens and certain major resorts.

Although standards like kalamari and moussaka are everywhere and figure strongly in taverna fare, Greek food is considerably more complex and varied than just these well-loved dishes.

In fact, modern Greeks are rediscovering their rich rural culinary heritage, which began as simple and functional, relying on local products, and later expanded under the influence of elaborate, Anatolian-influenced recipes in the 1920’s, brought by immigrants from Asia Minor. The result is a rich and wide ranging cuisine based on fresh, raw ingredients, subtle herbs and preparation by charcoal grilling or in wood-burning ovens.

In Greece, you’ll find a plethora of local specialties, all proudly promoted: anything from whole pickled caper sprigs to smoked eels, mollusks bottle in brine to soft sheep’s cheese or thyme honey to almond syrup.

Stay tuned to future episodes as we dive into the mouth-watering facts about seafood, meats, vegetables, wine and cheeses. Yummy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ziziki's is Proud to Offer Hahn Wines

Ziziki’s has two wonderful fall wines brought to you from the Hahn Winery in beautiful Soledad,Callifornia. The Hahn winery practices sustainability and is the proud recipient of the SIP Certification for its use of natural farming techniques and use of natural pest controls to maintain a low impact on the environment.

Hahn Winery’s is also a member of the Monterrey Area Green Business Program. Hahn has been in the vineyard business since 1980 and is constantly expanding the wine operation in Monterrey County.

Please come and join us in a glass of Hahn Winery’s Chardonnay or the flavorful Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay is a medium bodied wine with crisp acidity and with subtle layers of peach, pineapple and a touch of vanilla. The Pinot Noir has aromas of dried plums, black currants and cola. On the Palate you will be surprised with hints of black cherry and well integrated oak flavors and vanilla and spice. Each of these wines is a perfect complement to Ziziki’s signature Greek Meat and the very popular Cheese Board. Each of these are regular menu items priced at $18.00 each.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feast Like the Gods -- Greek Style

Looking for some place new for dinner? Why not try food that is as ancient as the gods: Ziziki's!  Opt for an authentic Greek salad - as Aphrodite might have eaten to keep her svelte figure. Or maybe you are more like Zeus and would fancy a lamb gyro or souvlakis. With an array of traditional Greek food the selection is superb.

No detail is spared when feasting Ziziki's style: start off with either Ziziki bread, Spinach Tiropitas, Keftedes or maybe some Lamp Loli-Pops. What are Lamb Loli Pops? Two large seasoned chops grilled to perfection and served with Creamy Polenta.

Ready for the main course? You can choose from Lamb, Pork Loin or seafood. The Salmon Filet and Pan Seared Sea Bass are Ziziki's favorites.

And please, leave room for desert. Zizki's is known for their famous Baklava Ice Cream Cake or the unbelievable Tiramisu.