Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Feast Like the Gods -- Greek Style

Looking for some place new for dinner? Why not try food that is as ancient as the gods: Ziziki's!  Opt for an authentic Greek salad - as Aphrodite might have eaten to keep her svelte figure. Or maybe you are more like Zeus and would fancy a lamb gyro or souvlakis. With an array of traditional Greek food the selection is superb.

No detail is spared when feasting Ziziki's style: start off with either Ziziki bread, Spinach Tiropitas, Keftedes or maybe some Lamp Loli-Pops. What are Lamb Loli Pops? Two large seasoned chops grilled to perfection and served with Creamy Polenta.

Ready for the main course? You can choose from Lamb, Pork Loin or seafood. The Salmon Filet and Pan Seared Sea Bass are Ziziki's favorites.

And please, leave room for desert. Zizki's is known for their famous Baklava Ice Cream Cake or the unbelievable Tiramisu.

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