Monday, April 4, 2011

Eating Out With The Kids

Eating out at a Dallas restaurant is always a fun and exciting idea, until one realizes that they have little children who are – well – picky, to say the least.

Eating out for a family doesn’t always have to mean the nearest fast-food joint, though.

At Zizikis award-winning Greek restaurants - we have a kid’s menu that brings food that kids are traditionally used to eating, and puts a Greek twist on it.

Instead of the same old grilled cheese sandwich, why not try our grilled cheese pita that consists of handmade pita broiled with two cheeses and served with Ziziki sauce? Or how about having chicken tenders with roasted potatoes instead of ordinary French fries? Or why not try something a little different with our chicken or lamb skewer that’s served with pita, Ziziki sauce & roasted potatoes?

At Zizikis, we have everything to keep your children satisfied, and you!  If they’re scared of trying something traditionally Greek, like Mousaka, then there is always Pizza and Chicken to keep them satiated and happy.


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