Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Slim and Greek - The Mediterranean Diet

How would you like to dine like Zeus and drink fine wines every day? If you're following the Mediterranean Diet - this is you.

Red wine and most of the ingredients in traditional Greek cuisine and Mediterranean dishes are great for the heart, and keep participants happily fed. (satisfied both with filling and taste, OPA!)

Heart attacks are quite rare in the Mediterranean, due to the diet of olive oil, soups and veggies, fresh fish, fruits and low calorie cheeses. Not to mention the heart-healthy and cholesterol benefits of eating beans (and did we mention - we have the biggest beans ever. They're called GIGANTE beans and rightfully so!)

Visit Ziziki's or Ziziki's Taverna for a heaping bowl of Gigante Beans, a healthy helping of Greek salad and some oilive oil & cheese. Oh, and some red, red wine. You'll leave healthy and happy! Opa!

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