Thursday, February 17, 2011

Springtime In Greece

The travel guides say Spring is a great time to visit Greece...

Traveling during this season to the beautiful Mediterranean destination will allow you to enjoy less crowds, better prices and FANTASTIC weather.  Springtime in Greece means that most of the Greek Isles are coming off of seasonal winds, and preparing for a hot Summer (sounds a bit like Texas.)

And of course - Greek  food is ALWAYS something to behold - regardless of season.  

Spring is a time for festivals and celebrations - including Easter (more on that later!) and feasts and events to celebrate the renewal of Spring.

Greek Springtime is also considered quite incredible as far as Mother Nature is concerned. She's busy making a new, beautiful landscape - and it is said to be refreshing and amazing to see. The lush green landscape, colorful mountains, and blooming majesty of native wildflowers.

Can't break away to go to Greece just yet? Visit us at Ziziki's or Ziziki's Taverna for authentic Greek cuisine that will make you feel like you're really there. Bring a fan to mimic the 'Greek Spring winds' and we'll provide the food and atmosphere. Opa!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dine Like Gods This St. Valentine's Day

It's Less than a week until the most romantic night of the year…St. Valentine's Day.

What would Eros (Aphrodite's son, by the way) suggest doing on this special day? What might you do for your special loved one, to enhance the chances that Eros might draw his famous "bow of love": and shoot a magical arrow in to the heart and mind of your sweetie to ensure true love forever?

What are you doing to show your loved one how you feel? A heart-shaped box of delicious chocolates? A beautiful, diamond necklace?  A dozen red roses?

If you want results - go for GREEK FOOD. It's sure to win the heart of your love-target.

All of these other ideas are amazing - and must be done, if you really want to make an impression...start the night off right by visiting Ziziki’s for a special four-course Valentine's Day dinner on Monday, February 14th, or by visiting Ziziki's Taverna in Addison for three-course dinner special. Here's a bit more on this weekend's special offerings:

Ziziki's Valentine's Menu
This four course dinner is only $49 per person (tax and tip not included).
    A trio platter of our chef’s favorite appetizers
    Our signature ZIZIKI Salad
    Your choice of entreƩ including our most popular:
    Rack of Lamb, Spanakopita, Greek Island Chicken, Seafood Santorini and much more.
    Decadent Chocolate Liquor Cake 

We will also be offering this amazing (at our Ziziki's locations only) all weekend to: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2/11, 2/12, and 2/13 as an option along with our regular menu just in case you and your sweetheart want to celebrate early!
    Ziziki's Taverna
    Begin with your choice of Mezze (yummy Greek appetizers...). Then, you can indulge in a scrumptious Greek Salad. Finally, you'll enjoy your choice of our Specialty Entrees. This exclusive three-course menu is only $30/per person! What's more -  you can add a bottle of wine from a HUGE wine selection for only $20 more! Click here for the full selection special menu.

    Join us and feast your way to true love!

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    The Super Bowl: Originated In Greece, Right?

    ONLY 5 more days until the SUPER BOWL is here in North Texas…how exciting! People from all over the country are coming to Dallas/Ft. Worth with a hunger (and thirst) - not only for delicious food and tasty beverages, BUT for some consuming entertainment that ONLY the SUPER BOWL can satisfy!

    Picture this: A nation riveted with men competing for more wealth and fame in the biggest of arenas. A stadium packed with people ready glorify or scorn the players based on their achievements or failings. Remind you of anything?

    After the nonstop media frenzy this week, you are most likely thinking Super Bowl.

    But that's only the latest, high-profile extravaganza in which fame and fortune are at stake. Going back more than 2,000 years ago, first the Greeks (of COURSE!) and THEN the Romans regularly gathered in large crowds ready to cheer and jeer their own stars, just as some 100,000 or so fans will do in Arlington this Sunday.

    No festival from any age or place has done such a amazing job of celebrating so much all at once. The ancient Greeks crammed as many as 20,000 viewers into their outdoor theatre, an assembly unmatched in those days by anything other than warfare. Instead of attending one of the hundreds of parties the night before or feasting on a big brunch (perhaps somewhere like the TOP 5 nominee for BEST BRUNCH in DFW at Ziziki‘s Restaurant) before the Big Game, there was a parade and sacrifice to the god of wine, Dionysus - a sign that the Athenian people was about to get their Greek feast on. (Today, you might think beer, chicken wings and pizza - but at Ziziki's - and Ziziki's Taverna - we're thinking WINE and have the best wine selection in Dallas). These were competitive events, with prizes for the greatest and most victorious.

    The game this Sunday at Cowboys Stadium is but the pinnacle of spectacles. Not even the ancient Olympics could operate on the same scale. In addition to the actual game of football - the anticipation of the musical acts before the game and during half-time are just as exciting. And, of course, you can’t forget about the award winning and much-hyped commercials.(Speaking of much-hyped - did you know Ziziki's can cater your Super Bowl party and save you TONS of time and money - and SERIOUSLY impress your guests)

    The Super Bowl's ability to make and crown stars has few rivals. The quarterbacks are like the generals - the men who hold the strategic codes, who hang behind the offensive lines like kings in a chess game, and who fight until the end. There is a Greek-style kudos - acclaim, glory, fame - to these celebrities who duel without actually meeting on the field. Of course - at Ziziki's - we love winning too - alongw ith acclaim, glory and fame- that's why we are known for our award-winning Greek cuisine in Dallas.

    Don’t forget  our campaign to end hunger, TASTE OF THE NFL is still going on (now through Super Bowl Sunday) At all Ziziki's locations - and with your purchase of these wines, they will donate to the North Texas Food Bank to address the needs of the hungry in North Texas and around the country.

    Ziziki's will be open for Sunday brunch on Super Bowl Sunday, but will be closed Super Bowl night.

    Looking for a Super Bowl Party? Join Ziziki's Taverna for a spectacular Happy Hour - a lively atmosphere and viewing of the game of the year on a 90" flat screen!

    Credits for this blog post refer to ESPN - for the full article - click here.