Thursday, February 17, 2011

Springtime In Greece

The travel guides say Spring is a great time to visit Greece...

Traveling during this season to the beautiful Mediterranean destination will allow you to enjoy less crowds, better prices and FANTASTIC weather.  Springtime in Greece means that most of the Greek Isles are coming off of seasonal winds, and preparing for a hot Summer (sounds a bit like Texas.)

And of course - Greek  food is ALWAYS something to behold - regardless of season.  

Spring is a time for festivals and celebrations - including Easter (more on that later!) and feasts and events to celebrate the renewal of Spring.

Greek Springtime is also considered quite incredible as far as Mother Nature is concerned. She's busy making a new, beautiful landscape - and it is said to be refreshing and amazing to see. The lush green landscape, colorful mountains, and blooming majesty of native wildflowers.

Can't break away to go to Greece just yet? Visit us at Ziziki's or Ziziki's Taverna for authentic Greek cuisine that will make you feel like you're really there. Bring a fan to mimic the 'Greek Spring winds' and we'll provide the food and atmosphere. Opa!

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