Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Hour.... Greek Style

When I hear the word Opa!, I immediately envision a nice,big Greek family sitting around the dinner table laughing and indulging on a huge feast of Greek cuisine and of course, drinking some wine.

Yes…when I hear the word OPA, I think, “HAPPY”! So, I just assumed “Happy Hour” originated in Greece! Well, didn't it?

I was surprised to learn that the term “Happy Hour” originated in the United States Navy. Back in the 1920’s, the term was slang for the scheduled period of entertainment on-ship when the sailors were “happy” from drinking. After the passage of the Volstead Act, civilians held "cocktail hours" at speakeasies, and in their own homes, to fortify themselves before going out to eat since restaurants could not serve alcohol. Post-prohibition cocktail lounges continued the custom of pre-dinner cocktails

"Happy hour" became a common term around 1960, after it appeared in a 1959 Saturday Evening Post article on military life.

Over time, the word "happy" became synonymous with being "slightly drunk," happy hour has transitioned from a start to an evening out into more of an after-work ritual.

In the 1980s, bars offered complimentary appetizers for happy hour, in response to the heightened enforcement of anti-drunk-driving laws. While happy hour has suffered some controversy and has actually been banished in certain countries and states (including United States military base clubs in 1984), it is a time where people mingle, do business meetings and have fun with their coworkers and friends and usually takes place on weekdays after work hours.

The most popular happy hours are those that offer a combination of drink and food specials as well as entertainment or special TV programs such as sports.

Visit any of our Greek restaurant locations between 4pm and 6pm on any weekday for the best Dallas Happy Hour - and you are likely to find drink and food specials to take the edge off a long day at the office!

Happy Hour Menu
Monday~Friday 4-6PM
$1.50 off Liquor Drinks
$1.50 off Wine By-the-glass
$.50 off Beers
$5 for Select Appetizers

$7 Happy Hour Specialty Drinks (regularly $10)
Carafe of Mojito ~ $17
Carafe of Margarita ~ $17
Sangria, White or Red ~ $15
Seasonal fruit infused Vodka Martinis! ~ $8
$5 Happy Hour Appetizers

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