Friday, June 25, 2010

Talk Of The Town Award Winner

We talk a lot about how WONDERFUL our Greek cuisine is, how big and delicious our gigante beans are - and you already knew that Ziziki's Taverna won the Taste of Addison Competition - but did you know that Ziziki's is also known for it's award-winning customer service? The customers have spoken - and it's not just about the food itself - it's about atmosphere, location - and how you're treated while you're with us. And Ziziki's and Ziziki's Taverna has it ALL covered.

Rated 4.5 stars for Talk Of The Town's 2010 Customer Satisfaction Excellence award - Ziziki's aims to please both the belly - AND the mind.  Come experience the finest Dallas Greek Restaurant with regard to award-winning dishes - as well as an award-winning Dallas dining experience and customer service. Thanks to all who voted to make all these wonderful awards possible - you are the reason for our success!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beauty and The Greeks

For centuries, the Greeks have been known for their beauty - and wellness. The lifestyle in Greece is much more slow, and natural than it is here in the states. For natural beauty, the Greeks have known for years that the properties of yogurt - and olive oil - are perfect for all skin types - and within any beauty routine.

We all love yogurt here in the states - it's a staple of good health, great taste and healthy 'pro-biotic' properties. But back in the homeland (Greece, of course) yogurt is more than a heart-healthy and good-for-digestion snack. It's actually a highly-prized beauty treatment. Yogurt (and not the "TCBY" kind - we're talking Dannon, here - without the fruit chunks) is a natural source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It can be used on all skin types - and is a great balm/mask for sunburn. Want to try it at home? Here's how!

1 tablespoon natural yogurt (allow to reach room temperature - and opt for low or no-fat variety)
1 teaspoon honey (get it soft, and pliable - stick it in the microwave for a few seconds so it mixes better)
A few drops of lime juice (if your complexion is oily)

Mix ingredients together, and apply to face - leave on 15 minutes, rinse and pat dry.


Olive oil, a staple of Mediterranean food dishes - is also an ancient secret to the most beautiful complexions and hair in the world. (Need you ask? The GREEKS!) Here are several uses for your olive oil. (best to opt for extra-virgin for the purest oil and the best results - it's from the first press of the olives - and is mostly unprocessed)

You'll find olive oil as a main ingredient in tons of bath & body products such as shampoo, lip balms, soaps and lotion. But if you don't have any commercial olive oil products - grab a bottle at the grocery store and start working on a beautiful new you.

Bath: Turn your bath into a bath of the GREEK GODDESSES - with a few tablespoons of olive oil added to running water.

Makeup remover: Olive oil is an all-natural makeup remover. Certainly - don't drop it directly into your eyeball for ANY reason EVER- but use it on a cotton ball to gently remove makeup.

Foot Mask: Clean your feet and rub olive oil all around your feet, ankles and toes - then put on your favorite pair of socks before bed. When you get up - your feet (heels and all) will be soft and supple.

Shiny, Beautiful Hair: Haven't you heard that mayonnaise is a great conditioner? So is olive oil. Olive oil helps heal dandruff and repair split ends as well. Gently massage a few drops of olive oil on your scalp and hair. Leave on as long as possible - up to 30 minutes or so - then shampoo and rinse.  And here's a bonus - put a few drops on your hair when it's dry - to eliminate frizz. But don't overdo this or you'll look greasy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make Dad BAKLAVA ICE CREAM CAKE for Father's Day

Just in time for Father's Day - and any other special occasion - or just to cool off during the hot days of summer - Chef Costa shows us how to make YUMMY and UNIQUE Baklava Ice Cream Cake from his award winning restaurants - Ziziki's and Ziziki's Taverna.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Treat Him Like Zeus This Father's Day

He may not wear a toga, and he may not have thunder at his command like Zeus, does - but he's the man of the house - the DAD, and his day is right around the corner. Father's Day is June 20th.

What are your plans for your resident Titan? A great Father's Day gift could be anything from a golf club to a fishing trip. It all depends on the dad.

But one thing that is sure to please any red-blooded man (and they ALL have red blood) is FOOD. What better way to find his heart than through his stomach, with an exclusive dining experience at one of the locally cherished Ziziki's Restaurants, or the brand new hot spot - Ziziki's Taverna in Addison.

He can enjoy award-winning cuisine and a huge selection of wines in a fun and hip atmosphere at Ziziki's Taverna - or you could treat him to more a quieter, more traditional Greek dinner at one of three Ziziki's locations in the Dallas area.

You could make it a REALLY special experience for him by inviting some of his friends - and having a Ziziki's Private Dining experience - your own special space, with a special menu (for parties of 20 or more) - just for you. But call us ahead of time if this is your plan - you'll need reservations as Private Dining space fills up fast.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ouzo - The Greek's Favorite Pre-Dinner Drink

Ouzo is an an anise-flavored drink usually consumed prior to a meal or during mezzes (small, Greek appetizer-size plates)  - and a favorite of the Greeks!  Many say it has a licorice-type taste, and be aware - it's a pretty strong drink! Because of it's higher sugar content, drinkers of ouzo typically feel it's effects early-on.

It can be consumed straight-up, or mixed with water. Often compared to it's similar, but stronger French counterpart, absinthe - ouzo can also be prepared by louching - which is when it's emulsified with water or ice. If you add water or ice to ouzo, it  will turn milky white - because the essential oil in the anise is not soluble in water.

In modern Greece, it's found all over the country, even in very small towns and villages; and a common aperitif in the cafes and Greek restaurants. It is meant to be sipped slowly, together with mezzes or before the meal, and shared with others over a period of several hours in the early evening.

So before you order your ouzo, make sure you're planning to eat a bit, stay a while - and enjoy the atmosphere.