Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beans of the Gods

When you think of the word “Giant” you probably think about the fictional characters (depending on your era...) Shrek or the Incredible Hulk, but I can - with certainty - guarantee, that you probably do not think about a bean.

So - visualize the host of Greek gods on Mt. Olympus - (they're probably bigger than we are, right?) -rest sure that if they're eating beans - they're Greek style Gigante Beans.

A GIGANTE bean is a type of bean originating from the Mediterranean. They are a very large, flat bean - usually about one inch or more in length which is extremely large compared to your typical beans such as navy, pinto or other beans. And of course - being a bean - they're the perfect meal and alaways a great source of protein and fiber.

For Lunch - enjoy a mouth watering plate of gigante beans. These beans are straight from Florentine Greece and are baked with plum tomatoes, Feta, and pancetta. These Mezzes will truly leave you with your mouth watering for more.

For Dinner - Why not try as a side dish with something just as delicious like rack of lamb.  Being the Greeks we are - we always serve with grilled asparagus and - you guessed it - gigante beans!

Since gigante beans can be kind of tricky to find and cook, (they are considered a specialty) come try them with us - at one of our Ziziki's Restaurants or at the new and hip Addison restaurant Volos Taverna. The GREEKS knows what they are doing with this specialty - it's one of the most prized and favorite dishes!

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