Friday, June 25, 2010

Talk Of The Town Award Winner

We talk a lot about how WONDERFUL our Greek cuisine is, how big and delicious our gigante beans are - and you already knew that Ziziki's Taverna won the Taste of Addison Competition - but did you know that Ziziki's is also known for it's award-winning customer service? The customers have spoken - and it's not just about the food itself - it's about atmosphere, location - and how you're treated while you're with us. And Ziziki's and Ziziki's Taverna has it ALL covered.

Rated 4.5 stars for Talk Of The Town's 2010 Customer Satisfaction Excellence award - Ziziki's aims to please both the belly - AND the mind.  Come experience the finest Dallas Greek Restaurant with regard to award-winning dishes - as well as an award-winning Dallas dining experience and customer service. Thanks to all who voted to make all these wonderful awards possible - you are the reason for our success!

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