Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ziziki's is Proud to Offer Hahn Wines

Ziziki’s has two wonderful fall wines brought to you from the Hahn Winery in beautiful Soledad,Callifornia. The Hahn winery practices sustainability and is the proud recipient of the SIP Certification for its use of natural farming techniques and use of natural pest controls to maintain a low impact on the environment.

Hahn Winery’s is also a member of the Monterrey Area Green Business Program. Hahn has been in the vineyard business since 1980 and is constantly expanding the wine operation in Monterrey County.

Please come and join us in a glass of Hahn Winery’s Chardonnay or the flavorful Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay is a medium bodied wine with crisp acidity and with subtle layers of peach, pineapple and a touch of vanilla. The Pinot Noir has aromas of dried plums, black currants and cola. On the Palate you will be surprised with hints of black cherry and well integrated oak flavors and vanilla and spice. Each of these wines is a perfect complement to Ziziki’s signature Greek Meat and the very popular Cheese Board. Each of these are regular menu items priced at $18.00 each.

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