Friday, August 20, 2010

Dance Like A Zorba: Getting in Touch With Your Inner Greek

Greek dance is a very old tradition still very much alive all over the world and especially in Greek communities. Traditional Greek dancing is primarily a social function. It brings the community together at key points of the year, such as Easter, the grape harvest or patronal festivals; and at key points in the lives of individuals and families, such as weddings.

There are over 4000 traditional dances that come from all regions of Greece but the one that has probably had the largest impact on pop culture in the US is the Zorba dance - made famous by the 1964 Oscar nominated classic movie, The Greek Zorba. The trademark song of Greece, “Zorba’s Dance”, has been used at Yankee Stadium for years to incite crowd participation during a potential rally by the home team and is commonly played and danced to worldwide – not to mention in Greek tavernas.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get out of your comfort zone, check out the video below and see how it’s done. Then download the Zorba dance music to your iPod, stop by the best Greek restaurant in Dallas (Ziziki's and Ziziki's Taverna - of course) for a little 'culinary inspiration' and OPA! – you’re in touch with your inner Greek!

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