Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Facts About Greece

Of course, Greeks know how unique, timeless and rich they are as a 'culture', but what of those non-Greeks? How are they to know how cool it is to be GREEK?

We've compiled some fun and well-known facts about Greece to share a bit of the Greek culture with you, in case you are not privy to the WONDERS of all things Greek!

  • The yo-yo is the second oldest known toy in the world - and comes from the GREEKS (only the doll is older) It was born over 3,000 years ago in the days of ancient Greece.
  • Greeks are 'dancin' fools' - there are 63 different folk dances in Greece.
  • Cleopatra was Greek, not Egyptian - and a seriously tough cookie of a lady in her day, and responsible for a heap of accomplishments as ruler, or - female-Pharoh of Egypt..
  • Traditionally, Greeks have been known to celebrate their "name days", rather than their birthdays.
  • Americans should be familiar with this political piece of trivia: Greece is the birthplace of democracy.
  • Greek plays called “comedy” were written about ordinary people and often mocked leading politicians and personalities of the day - the forerunners of modern comedy shows like “Saturday Night Live”.
  • The early Olympic Games were celebrated as a religious festival from 776 B.C. until 393 A.D., when the games were banned for being a pagan festival because they celebrated the Greek god Zeus. The first modern-day Olympic Summer Games took place in 1896 and the host country, Greece, won the most medals with 47.
  • It's hilly, it's mountainous - it's GREECE! Did you know? 80% of the landscape of Greece is comprised of mountains. This means that Greeks must have great legs - (all the climbing, just saying...) and one half of the country is covered by forests and the other half is barren.
  • There are about 3000 islands in Greece. However, only a few hundred of them are inhabited.
  • Greece has an area of 131,940 sq. km., which makes it just slightly smaller than the size of Alabama. Sweet Home Greece!

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