Monday, July 25, 2011

Ziziki's Big Opa! By Chef Costa

Every Greek says their YaYa (Grandma) makes the best Keftedes (meatballs).  It seems like this debate has been going on since the time of Socrates.  I can assure you though; my YaYa’s Greek meatballs are the best!  YaYa Katina grew up in Thessaloniki which is in the Northern part of Greece known for its farming and raising of sheep and goats.  YaYa always made meatballs with 100% lamb unlike most keftedes recipes that call for a mixture of beef, pork and lamb or some combination thereof.  Since Ziziki’s meatballs are made with lamb, it was my idea to add French Feta and a bit of Mozzarella for moisture.

When YaYa Katina made Keftedes, she always made a lot of these as my family would eat these as an appetizer, on flatbread like a pizza, with pasta for dinner or just eat them cold, straight out of the refrigerator as a snack.  Ziziki’s country-style Keftedes are flavored with oregano, mint and a bit of crumbled French Feta and Mozzarella.  Our hand-rolled meatballs are baked and served on a simple plum tomato sauce.   After you try Ziziki’s Keftedes appetizer, you judge and let me know if they aren’t the best Greek meatballs you’ve ever had!

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