Sunday, October 30, 2011

It Must Be Fate: FETA Cheese and the Greek Atmosphere

Not only is Feta cheese an incredible treat in Greek cooking - it's a wonderful accent to several dishes here in the U.S. (like a scrumptious breakfast omelet!)

Feta Cheese is also a product that has been around since the Byzantine Empire - so there is a lot of history behind this cheese we all love. When a visitor entered the Byzantine-controlled region in 1494, he might have noticed that they sliced their cheese to serve on a plate. Even back then, before the individually-wrapped sorts from which we actually get the saying, Feta was quickly becoming the thing that would, to the Greeks - be "the best thing since sliced cheese"!

Feta is aged cheese and is produced in blocks for uses on Greek salads, pastries, breakfast Greek entrées and many other dishes and a real normal part of the Greek culture. It is often times combined with olive oil and vegetables to bring a rich and delicate flavor to the dish. Feta is used in 60% of Greek families in their everyday life and everyday food and a great mixture with homemade wine. (Would you like a little cheese with that wine?) OPA!

What separates feta cheese from the rest is that it is made of milk from sheep around the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions. Feta is a great accent to Greek dishes because of the delicious pairings with olive oil, olives as well as the enrichment it can bring to Greek dishes!

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