Friday, December 30, 2011

Ringing In New Year GREEK STYLE

If you're in Greece on New Year's Eve - you can expect much of the same activities that we are used to here in the United States - parties, festivities, celebrations - and people out late welcoming the new, and letting go of the old.

There's card playing, fireworks, children playing in sleepy streets - and of course - eats and drinks (Greek food, of course - OPA!) at local night spots - until sunrise.

Of course, Greece has it's own traditions - such as the 'cutting of the vasilopita - which is a kind of 'New Year cake'. The cake is prepared with a coin inside, cut at the midnight hour as the new year dawns, and the lucky one who gets the piece with the coin inside is said to have blessings in the New Year. The cake itself has huge meaning. Cut by the patriarch of the home, the first piece of the cake is for Christ, the second for the 'home' - and then, everyone else gets their piece.

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