Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation Party Pop - Catering Ideas For Special Events

Graduation time is upon us, whether it is a High School graduation or a college graduation -
and with both come parties and celebrations. While this time is super-exciting for graduating seniors, it can be a stressful, emotional and a sad time for parents. One of those stressful things about a graduating child, is planning their celebration.

Of course, the Greeks celebrated EVERYTHING in a grand way, and certainly, this is a monumental time in your, and your child's life. Celebrate GRANDLY by going Greek for your celebration! You can either throw your party at Ziziki's with our private dining and events rooms, or opt for some Greek deliciousness with our catering.

Make the most out of every memory; celebrate your graduate's accomplishments and
have Ziziki's cater your special occasion. Focus on rounding up family and long-lost
friends and leave the rest to Ziziki’s with our wonderful catering menu. Just choose
some of your favorite dishes from the Ziziki’s like the Greek lasagna – Pastichio or some
wonderfully tasty Greek meatballs – Keftedes. Download our catering menu here.

Ziziki's offers new-age Greek cuisine as well as traditional dishes that will have you and
your entire party saying "Opa!" (oh, and Good Luck Grad!)

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