Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten Facts About Greek Pitas

Credit to Wikipedia Commons.
Ask anyone you know to name a Greek food. You'll likely hear 'a pita' as the most popular response. Pitas are loved the world over so today we thought we would share some facts about pitas. Opa!

1. A pita is a round slightly leavened flat bread that is consumed all over the world in many different cultures.
2. The word pita is a Greek term, which means “flat.”
3. Pita is spelled 'pitta' in the UK, 'pide' in Turkey, Romania, and Greece.
4. In addition to being flat, this bread generally has two layers which separate to form an internal pocket. The pocket is created via a steam bubble that develops during baking.
5. Peeta Mellark, one of the main characters in the Hunger Games series, is named for the pita. His parents are the local bakers so it was very fitting to name their son after one of the most popular breads in the world.
6. After the pita is baked and cooled, it is cut in half, the result is two crescent-shaped pockets of bread. This pocket can be used to hold meats, cheeses, cooked vegetables, even salads.
7. Pitas are often torn and used to scoop up sauces or dips, such as hummus, making spoons superfluous.
8. Using one slice of pita bread (two pockets) rather than two slices of regular sliced bread lowers your calorie intake for that sandwich you're contemplating.
9. Pitas were so popular in the middle east because they required no special equipment to bake. Just mold the dough, pat flat with your hands and bake.
10. You can find the best pitas in DFW at THE GREEK in One Arts Plaza. Special thanks to the Dallas Observer for a great review of our newest restaurant.

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