Monday, December 31, 2012

Wine about it!

When you think of opening up a bottle of wine, do you opt for a fine French Bordeaux or a rich, yet fruity, Italian Chianti or even a Cabernet Sauvignon from one of the most popular non-European vineyard - that of say - Napa Valley in California?

What about Greek wines? You know - they have been doing it LONGER than anyone! Greek wines have been dated to over 6500 years ago. The Greeks were known to worship Dionysus, the god of wine, It has been said Hippocrates used wine for medicinal purposes. Viticulture (the science, production and study of grapes) originated in Greece with domestic cultivation becoming widespread throughout Europe. Greek wines and their varieties were well known and traded throughout the Mediterranean and across the world.

The importance of wine in ancient Greek society can be summed up best by a quote from the Greek historian Thucydides: "the peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine". I know I feel more at “peace” when I am indulging on a tasty glass of vintage Lantides Aenaon, Merlot from Greece.

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