Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why We Love Gyros

Gyros! We love them and, here recently, Dallas gyros are becoming more popular.

Gyros are becoming more popular all-throughout the metroplex and for good reason. Gyros are downright delicious! Haven’t had a gyro yet? You should. Gyros are a popular Greek dish of different meats such as pork, chicken, veal, lamb or beef that are paired with a variety of vegetables and served wrapped inside either pita or sandwich bread. They are often open on one end leave the delicious meat spilling onto the plate or paper it’s wrapped in.

The term “gyro” comes from the Greek word meaning “to turn” since the meat is roasted and turned over during cooking. Usually a broiler is used to cook the meat to keep it crisp and yet very moist.

This Greek dish is so popular that there are plenty of variations that include versions in Brazil, Canada, Turkey and even a version particular to the United States after being introduced in Chicago.

All in all, gyros are an authentic Greek dish that everyone should try! Stop by and try our lamb gyro (a Dallas Observer Favorite Dish - ) or ask for recommendations from our staff for a true taste of the beautiful culture of Greece.

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