Wednesday, December 18, 2013

FALL in Love With Greek Food

In the coming weeks, the leaves will start changing to bright reds and oranges, and the season that brought incredible heat to the south and storms to the northeast will come to an end. The days of hot dogs at ballgames and hamburgers on the grill are slowly winding down, so try something new.... Go Greek!

The Greeks love to cook (OPA!) and make large use of several wonderful ingredients in their Fall Greek dishes - including the Mediterranean cuisine staple: olives and olive oil.

Olives are very important in Greek cuisine because of its roots to Greek history - and of course, it's dietary benefits. Ancient Greeks used to eat olives because they believe it was good for keeping their body healthy and full of life. Greek olive oil is also extremely tasty and smooth. It is often taken from privately owned pressing plans, the best come from Lesvos!

Another Fall favorite in Greece is Kalamarakia - or 'calamari', which is squid. Adding orange wedges, cumin, pasta or rice can seal the meal and add a delightful white wine (also known as kalamarakia krasata) is a family favorite.

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