Monday, April 28, 2014

An Authority of Greek Wines - Nico Manessis

We've found a true expert in the world of Greek Wine - and his name is Nico Manessis. He's the published authority on Greek wines, having published several books on the subject - and continuing to produce wine reviews, regional Greek wine education and news, and also making unique Greek travel videos along the Greek wine routes.

If you want to know what a true wine expert thinks of a particular Greek wine, breeze through his posts for real reviews and opinion on most Greek wines. For example, this excerpt from his review on Naoussa Diamantakos (read the whole thing here):

...Dark ruby. Slowly opens up to earth, sous bois. It then blossoms to strawberry scents. Cocoa. Depth. Tannins reminiscent of Renato Ratti's Nebbiolos, with increased volume, firework aromatics and an intense palate. "Sweet" strawberry and graphite on the bitter-almond, edgy, rich in glycerol finish. A highly strung thoroughbred. At this juncture, three hours of decanting, and all parts meet in harmony. Serve at cellar temperature. Best 2012-2018.

And with the review, you can find expert writing and opinion on the region, and in many cases - a video or photograph of the winery or area. If you're not a wine expert, or an expert on all things Greek - you will be after perusing his very informative and helpful site.

His book is several years old now, but we're pretty sure the content still holds true, and Mr. Manessis has made it very clear he's not slowing down on touring Greece and testing the wines to produce well-written and informative reviews on all things "Greek Wine".

If you haven't been able to get to Greece yet for a tour of your own, and you're a wine lover - you must check out Nico's site, where you can read up on the Greek wine regions, and view videos of exclusive wineries and wine tastings.

Learn more at Greek Wine World

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