Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day - From The Greeks?

If we were in Greece on Valentine’s Day, we might be visiting the Pink Palace Hotel on Corfu, or heading to the Athens Backpackers Hotel for their “Big Pink Party”.  Or maybe - just possibly - we might be just spending a warm sunny day on one of the Greek Isles.

Because Greek mythology traces Valentine’s Day to the marriage between Zeus and Hera - Valentine's Day in Greece is known as HIGHLY romantic. Handsome young men and their beautiful women spend the entire day together proclaiming their love to one another because Eros (as Greeks say, but known as Cupid in Roman mythology) is the cause of the emotion and love - and is very present during Valentine's Day.  Eros was the young son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and I think we can take it from there and remember the history.

Unfortunately many of us aren't lucky enough to spend Valentine’s Day in Greece - and for those of us who aren't there, we can to bring the romance of Greek tradition to us on Valentine's Day.

Start your dinner off at Ziziki’s in Dallas with Greek Paella or maybe their Greek God’s Platter made up of Pistachio, Spanakopita and Lamb Souvlaki, or choose a prix-fixe menu offering customized for the Valentine's Day. Enjoy the atmosphere at Ziziki’s, it's enough to make you fall in love with the warm modern décor and music.

After dinner enjoy a cup of Greek finely ground cup of coffee from Ziziki's Coffee Bar and possibly some Baklava Ice Cream Cake or a warm piece of Chocolate Liquor cake, surely to warm up your senses.

If we can’t be on the Greek Isles, bring the air of love from Greece to us by visiting Ziziki’s this Valentine’s Day.

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