Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going Greek In Dallas

Ziziki’s is a fast growing, upscale greek restaurant with an outstanding line of Greek and Italian Cuisine. They opened the very first Ziziki’s at Travis Walk in July of 1994. Since 1994, the owners, Mary and Costa Arabatzis, have been providing outstanding food in a warm and inviting environment. The opening of this restaurant marked the beginning of a long road to success!

With the owner’s restaurants blooming in Dallas, they decided to make a life changing decision to move to Maui, where they would open an additional Ziziki’s restaurant. You may be thinking to yourself, “Why Maui?” The couple choose Maui because they had a growing family, and what better place to raise a family than on an island that is truly magical. The opening of this new location in Maui seemed as if it was going to be a successful business decision, but the business was soon affected - as so many businesses were - by the 9/11 attacks on the United States. This tragedy nearly wiped out business for all of Maui’s restaurants. With sales slipping and cost rising at all of the locations, the Arabatzis were faced with another important decision.

After a lot of soul searching, the couple decided to close the Maui location and return to Dallas to focus on the growth of their other locations. In order for the growth of the Dallas locations to continue, they had to make some changes. These changes would involve managing operations themselves, and address the rising food cost. After realizing the changes that needed to be made they quickly addressed them. With the smart business decisions of the owners following the 9/11 attacks and the devastating impact it had on the economy and business, Ziziki’s remains no less than brilliant!  There's more than just great food at Ziziki's - there's great ownership.

Given that it has been 15 years since the original Ziziki's location opened, it comes as no surprise that the brand has expanded, and continues to be successful. Since the original opening of the restaurant they've added on two additional private dining rooms, which are a great place to host a private party or a company lunch, and an expanded kitchen to accommodate the needs of the additional seating.

In addition to the original Zizikis at Travis Walk, Mary and Costa have opened two other locations in the Dallas Area. They opened their second location in North Dallas in the Shops of Spanish Village, but in 2005 moved the restaurant to the renowned Preston Hollow location which is located at the corner of Preston and Forest.

In 2008, Zizikis announced the opening of their third location, in Plano, which has a modern approach to Zizikis traditional bar. It is located in the Lakeside Market area of Plano.

So the next time you are craving a delicious Greek meal or just a unique place to hang out, stop by one of our three locations and be a part of our history in the making!

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