Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Greek Culture: The Cretan Wine Festival is No More

For years, the Touring Club of Rethymnon, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rethymnon, organized the Rethymnon Wine Festival – a 2-week celebration of Cretan wine, music and dance. You bought a carafe and some glasses, and you could drink as much wine as you wanted, whilst listening to some very good Cretan music and watching some fantastic dancing. Sounds like heaven (or maybe Mt. Olympus), yes?

In 2008 the municipality of Rethymnon made the decision to stop organizing the Wine Festival, at least in the same format.

In 2009 the Wine Festival was re-introduced, but with a completely new identity and format. Then again, in 2012 the identity of the festival was changed-the 1st Cretan Diet Festival was born. 

Now, don’t let the word diet scare you off. This isn’t a festival that centers around diet food. Rather it’s a cultural experience that goes beyond wine and music to include food, crafts and other traditional Greek food products. 

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