Sunday, August 26, 2012

Considering Going GREEK This Fall?

For some people, being part of a fraternity or sorority is a major part of their college identity. Like most things in life, Going Greek can be a mixed bag.

There are several considerations to being involved in Greek life:

1. Cost: This isn't something people give much thought too beforehand, but joining Greek life comes with some built-in expenses. Some costs include a recruitment fee, house fees and dues, a sorority pin, and social functions for both student and family. Many of these are optional, of course, but some are definitely not.

2. Alcohol use: Excessive and underage drinking is a common problem on college campuses in general, but peer pressure to drink can be even higher within the Greek system. This is something that many students deal with when they go to college, and certainly is something worth considering before deciding to join a fraternity or sorority.

3. Limitations: It's easy to let the Greek system become your entire world. Living in a fraternity or sorority gives you a place to belong at college, but it can become limiting as well. Remember to be involved outside of your sorority too.

4. Connections: Greek life is not the only way to meet new people, but it is one of the easiest ways. Being a part of a fraternity or sorority gives you an instant connection with a large group of people, and that network will continue to grow.

5. Events: Being in a sorority or fraternity provides many opportunities to engage in all kinds of events and activities, such as Homecoming Week, themed parties, serenades, philanthropy events, and theatrical productions. If these sound up your alley, definitely consider going Greek. Keep in mind, however, that some of these things can become major time commitments.

6. Belonging: It sounds cheesy, but a sorority or fraternity can become a home away from home, just as a dorm, group of friends, or campus organization can. Especially if moving into the house, my sorority sisters or brothers become the ones with whom you share everything—failed tests, lazy Sundays, new jobs, broken hearts, and game days, to name a few.

Before you go through recruitment, however, consider whether you will be comfortable living in a house with 70 other women or men. It is definitely a new experience, especially if you didn't grow up with siblings.

7. Stereotypes: It is undeniable that there are certain stereotypes associated with Greek life. There are people who will judge you for being in a sorority, or for which house you join. The important thing to remember is that each house has all types of students, so you shouldn't put too much stock in those who make assumptions about fraternity men or sorority women. This is another reason to be involved outside of your sorority. It can be just as rewarding to participate in activities that have to do with your academic focus or other interests.

Ziziki’s would be pleased to have you and your brothers or sisters come to dinner one night to celebrate. Remember - It’s fun to GO GREEK!

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