Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Planning A Trip To Greece

Relax and celebrate a year’s worth of hard work by experiencing Greece this Spring and Summer!

Although the peak travel season for people to visit Greece falls later in the Summer within July to August—you won’t miss any of the beautiful warm weather if you come earlier. Perhaps, NOW!?

Spring is an excellent time to visit the islands of Greece. Make sure to stop and experience the Halkidiki peninsula off of the north-mainland coast. The Aegean islands offer some of the most breathtaking views and spectacular beaches that picturesque the sea as though it was painted in watercolors shortly before your visit. By visiting Greece earlier than July, you’ll be able to avoid some of the main flow of tourism traffic that Greece experiences – which leads to higher room rates and more expensive packages.

Plan ahead. 

Save money. 


The weather in late Spring is breezy and cool because the islands are slowly waking up from cold winters. 

No time to travel just yet? Or does this not fit the budget? Come discover Greece right NOW by visiting us here at Ziziki’s for authentic Greek Cuisine. Or visit us at The Greek at One Arts Plaza - we can mimic the 'Greek breeze' on our patio.

We offer a wide-variety of authentic Greek dishes that will have you resting back in your chair listening for the seagulls that gather around Greek docks... OPA!

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