Thursday, May 30, 2013

Springtime Spanakopita

Spring is a special time in Greek culture; it’s full of tradition and celebrations, as well as unique and tantalizing dishes.

One of the most popular springtime Greek dishes is spanakopita, or greek spinach pie.

Stuffed with spinach, onions, cheese and herbs that are covered gently in flaky dough, spanakopita is a cornerstone of the proud Greek food history… and they are delicious to boot!

One of the things that makes this spinach pie pastry so delicious is that it is wrapped in a phyllo (pronounced
fie-lo") dough and baked until it is crispy. The pastry is often golden brown in color and enhanced by butter and egg yolk.

The spanakopita is also very adaptable and can be enjoyed as a meal or as a snack. There are also vegan or “lite” versions of spanakopita that meet criteria for religious fasts or other traditional celebrations.

Stop by and enjoy our Greek “spinach pie” or apanakopita and give 'a go' at pronouncing it - oh,
and don’t worry, we’ll help! It’s a delicious appetizer for an enjoyable afternoon on our patio with
a glass of wine and soaking up the long-awaited warm weather. Opa!

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