Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Role of Meals in Greek History

Dining in Greece isn’t just a time to get together for a meal - it’s an experience!  And at Ziziki's - it doesn't get more authentic - both the Greek cuisine and the Greek atmosphere. Opa!

The cornerstone of Greek cuisine is large dinners shared between friends and family alike.

This spirit transcends the delicious breads, meats and vegetables - it embodies the true essence of what it means to be Greek. In Greece, how food is prepared is nearly as much as a conversation as what’s shared over dinner. It’s not unusual to hear multiple strong opinions on how to prepare various meats and what ingredients add the most flavor!

Everyone, from the local market to the coastal fishermen, all have great suggestions and experience.

It’s part of the reason that Greek culture embodies so many distinct different dishes and options. Greece is a very difficult place to grow crops and produce yet ironically food is nearly a full-blown obsession.

So how did Greek dishes become so well-known with poor agriculture and so many options? Simply put, because meals in Greece are more than just meals. Grecians work hard throughout the day, perfecting their crafts up until its time to come together and share memories. The Greek obsession with food is little about food, it’s about family. 

Greek food is based on a simple, balance meal using a large portion of either lamb, fish or chicken, delicate cheeses, fresh tomatoes and vegetables all accented by a delicious and soft glass of wine.

Join our family and dine with your friends for a true Greek cuisine experience!

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