Saturday, July 6, 2013

Greek's Love Celebrating Brunch

Greeks are known to brag on how many things can tie back to Greek culture – but one of our favorites… doesn’t. Brunch is not native to Greece, but can be enjoyed by Greeks nonetheless!
Brunch is a common meal across the globe and is a popular meal choice for locals to choose when dining out on the weekends and as your best Dallas Greek Restaurant, we like to think we put our own spin on it!

The combination of breakfast and lunch to create “brunch” opens wide the opportunities to mix and match different entrée options. While eggs may seem only suitable for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch – both are acceptable in a brunch.
Brunch is a common meal to celebrate special occasions with, so if you or a loved one is celebrating a birthday or an event – join us in celebration for brunch!
We’ve got a wide variety of wines (both Greek and non-Greek) and craft beers that will allow you to taste the delicacy that is the Greek food culture.
After multiple nominations as the BEST BRUNCH in Dallas and many restaurant reviews, we take great pride in what we offer for brunch. So join us and celebrate your next brunch occasion at Ziziki’s! Opa!

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