Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Art of a Craft Beer - Dallas Happy Hour

There’s nothing like enjoying a unique craft beer - perfect for a special occasion or even just after a long day. 

Locations around the globe embrace their own craft beers because they’re different than the rest. What makes craft brewed beers different is their small, independent and traditional attitude – they’re not mainstream and they refuse be. It’s the taste of 'hard work' and a 'job-well-done'.
Almost as unique as the beers are the brewers themselves, because of their drive to create something that won’t be commercial. There can be much disdain for the 'Big Three brewers', which opens the doors for the everyday man to brew something to his fitting.
Craft brewing isn’t a job to make ends meet. It’s an art - and a craft that is carefully honed through years of experimentation and risk. They are to be savored and enjoyed with family and friends.
So enjoy them! 

We’re now carrying new lines of craft brewed beers ranging from Katy, Texas all the way to Stephen’s Point, Wisconsin. While many are offered in traditional 12 oz. long neck bottles, you’ll be surprised at how delicious a craft brewed beer can taste from a can. 

Craft beer not your style? Check out our menu for our exclusive Dallas Happy Hour - and learn why we are the best Happy Hour in town!
Stop by, join us, and celebrate hard work with a craft brewed beer.

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