Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eating Lean and Clean

With so many popular diets going on right now, it seems that more people are starting to really reconsider what it is that they’re eating. They want lean meats and clean eating, and luckily for most, we’ve got both!
One of the main things that makes the Mediterranean (or Greek) diet so popular is the wide variety of lean meats that have been proven to be better for your heart and for your health.

Lamb chops are a common staple in Greek cuisine and are especially popular on the Ziziki’s menu, the best of Dallas Mediterranean food. Enjoy some roasted lamb chop layered with béchamel and herbed potatoes in our Mousaka dish or pair lamb with roasted chicken, shrimp and organic sausage in our Grek Paella, a dish that won’t disappoint!

Grilled asparagus, sautéed veggies and marinated onions are common side dishes to many of our delicious meals, so you’ll be sure to have another serving of some delicious and healthy foods.

Stop by and give the lean and clean diet a try at Ziziki’s because it’s better for your health - it’s science!

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