Friday, August 16, 2013

The Best Happy Hour In Dallas

Last week we posted about 'eating lean' and having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Just because you’re wanting to 'eat clean' doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what might just be the best Happy Hour in Dallas If you're eating healthy - you can splurge a little. A healthy lifestyle means you are eating right, exercising and 'doing the right thing' by your body on a regular basis. This sets the stage to be able to 'live it up a little' once in a while. You know what we have to say to that... OPA!

Come by and sip on our 100-calorie Skinny Margaritas. Subtract the calories without subtracting any of the taste and we’ll bet you’ll be coming back for more. Or - enjoy some exclusive craft beers or one of our other cocktails. OF course - the Greeks have always known that wine sports fantastic health benefits.

Have the best of both worlds at Zizikis - Make it your ritual! OPA!

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