Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Big, Fat, Greek Thanksgiving

History shows that 'giving thanks' is something that has been done in most cultures all around the world for thousands of years. The Earth provides mankind with shelter, sustenance, life - and in return, it's people have given thanks in celebration. Fall and 'harvest' festivals and ceremonies of thanksgiving took place during ancient Greek times, and many other periods throughout history.

In the ancient Greek traditions, of course - it was Demeter, the goddess of corn & grains and all things harvest - that was celebrated and honored at the festival of Thesmosphoria every Fall. The Greeks believed that it was because of her - that the Earth provided the bounty it did - and that honoring her with offerings and ceremonies would promise a new, fresh harvest each year.

Today, Thanksgiving is celebrated in several countries annually - and some for different reasons. Here in America, we give thanks not only for our wonderful provider, Mother Earth - but also for our ancestors having found the "New World". We all have many things to be thankful for... BUT we should point out that we're REALLY thankful for yummy GREEK FOOD here at Ziziki's. 

Want to add a 'Greek twist' to your Thanksgiving celebration? Try these traditions that are known to grace the tables of Greek-Americans at Thanksgiving:

Tzatziki sauce: (or as we call it - Ziziki Sauce!) is the perfect creamy accent to any table. This traditional Greek sauce is where we got our name - and is a combination of yogurt, cucumber, and garlic. It can be eaten with bread, veggies - or alone and is part of many dishes at Ziziki's Greek restaurant in Dallas.

Be thankful for FETA: Of course, Greeks know feta is the perfect salty sidekick to wine, as well as just about anything on the table.

Don't forget: Add a Greek twist with Ziziki's! We can provide delectable Dallas catering options for your holiday event - call us or  visit us at for catering menu and more information!

We're thankful! OPA!

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