Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Trip to Mediterranean Paradise—Greece

We recently returned from a fantastic trip to Greece, where we had the time of our lives. We traveled with Dorothy and “Baba” Costa’s Dad, who celebrated his 74th birthday while we were there. We ate marvelous Greek food, gazed out over unbelievable scenery, and met the most interesting and unique people. Rich with culture and history – Greece is a destination you’ll remember forever.

Preparing for a trip to Greece is exciting and fun to plan. The gorgeous Greek isles offer an abundance of interesting sights, which of course you want to see all of. But first, you have to prepare, plan, and then get packed. All flights being on time, we’re talking nineteen hours flight time, give or take an hour, from Dallas-Fort Worth airport, so dress comfortably and learn a few Isometric exercises to do in your seat, or up and down the aisles. The savvy traveler will have downloaded several books onto an IPod and stuffed an inflatable neck pillow into her purse so she can sit back and listen while the miles literally fly by.

If you haven’t exchanged dollars for Euros before leaving the States, you’ll want to do so at your bank (must order the day ahead) or at the airport. Here’s another tip: you’ll want to take along a European adapter and transformer for your electronics – computers, hair dryers, electric shavers, phone chargers, etc. Otherwise, you’ll be having fried circuits for breakfast instead of a hearty potato and feta omelet.

We’ve all heard the stories of cab drivers in NYC and elsewhere in the world – crazy, fast – and a little scary! It should be said that even though many of the streets are one-way in Greece, and there is at times a bit of a language barrier - the taxis in Greece are super nice! Most of the taxis are Mercedes-Benz - and the drivers take great pride in keeping their cabs spotless. Since the Olympics, Athens has an efficient clean and affordable sub-way system.

Also, when you make your hotel reservations, inquire whether there are other hotels by the same name. Because even though taxi rides are truly a treat in Greece – you could end up at the wrong hotel because there are several venues with similar names.

If there are other accommodations with the same name, get a few landmarks for reference and be sure to tell your cab driver. When you get out of the airport, chances are excellent you’ll want to go to your hotel, unwind, and catch a few winks. After you’re refreshed, you’ll be ready for the exquisite treat of playing tourist - indulging in Greek cuisine and festivities!

Instead, do a little research and planning - then a little shopping so your first stop after leaving the hotel is some of the delectable Greek restaurants. Or if you can’t go to the Mediterranean today, stop by Ziziki’s and get a delicious taste of Greece.

Tune in soon - for another installment of our adventures and inspirations from our trip to Mediterranean paradise!

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