Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Greek Brunch

We can, tie most things - of course, to the ancient greatness of Greece - but alas - brunch itself was not invented by the Greeks. Common now in many countries, brunch, or the larger meal combination of both 'breakfast' and 'lunch' was actually first seen in Britian in the late 1890's. Generally a mid-day meal (from after 10:00 AM through lunch hours), brunch is also common for family gatherings and special such as Mother's Day, Easter and other special days. 

Ziziki's is great for brunch - any day! We've got a fantastic wine list for family celebrations, a full array of selections and appetizers on our menu - and a festive atmosphere to support true brunch efforts. (heavy eating, fellowship and fun!)

What's best is that our culinary efforts with regards to our own Greek brunch have been rewarded with a nomination for BEST BRUNCH in Dallas. We're up against some swanky spots and big-hitters on the Dallas restaurant scene, but we're up to the challenge and asking for your vote. Please click here to vote for Ziziki's for BEST BRUNCH on WFAA-List. It only takes a few moments - and we need your help! This would be a great honor to win - and we're so pleased that we were nominated.

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